About Us

Christian discipleship is a way of life. It is the process of learning how God would have us live in the world. As we learn to live in obedience to the Word of God, in submission to the disciplines of the faith, and in accountability to one another, we begin to understand the true joy of the disciplined life and the Christian meaning of freedom. Discipleship is not merely human effort, submitting to rules and regulations. It is the means through which the Holy Spirit gradually brings us to maturity in Christ. It is through discipleship that we become people of Christian character. The ultimate goal of discipleship is to be transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 3:18)…

How you can Teach your children about Jesus

Sharing Bible Stores from the Bible

Use a Children’s Bible, so it is easier for them to understand.

Teach How to talk to God

As parents you have a great opportunity to teach the Power, Practice and Purpose of Prayer to your children. You have tremendous influence over their lives.

Live out the Word of God

Let your life be an example that will teach them and show them how important it is to live out our faith.

Come to Church Regularly

Make coming to Church a priority in your life and theirs. Bring them, don’t just send them.

Fellowship with other families that are believers too!

It is important to have relationships with other believers in God.

Make friends with Non-Believers

We need to develop relationships with people who don’t know God too, so they can get to know God through our lives and testimony. Your children will learn to love all people, just like God does, for He gave His only son to die for all He created in His own image.

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15575 Foster Road, La Mirada

Office Hours

Currently we are reachable by phone 562-943-5616. Are Pastor’s are available by appointment only.